Did a really fast and really good job cutting my hair for my grad. Guy who did it was very professional about it and didn't judge me for being a bit awkward.

Rob B

I was so happy to see Mr. Mustache was open today. I've been checking every day. I quickly made an appointment because I was bushy after 2 months.

Jow Seema

Great inside and great people. Very well put together for a barbershop. Bringing back the old barbershop feel back to life.

Roman Mayel

I highly recommend this barbershop to everyone in town. the shop is very clean, welcoming, great vibe, clean equipment.

Amuck Sloth

Came in here for the first time yesterday, the day before my wedding. They went above and beyond to make me look great.

Alex Westby

Mathew is the man, effortless fade and cares about each client. 100% would recommend him to anyone, not even a competition.

P.G. Reitsma

They seem to have a knack for shaving a few years off by giving a great haircut.


Great place. Tried a few others in the area and was not impressed. This is the only place I'll go now.

Ehab Abada

One of the best barbershops in town I’m a barber coming for a vacation here.

Wayne Stad

Great barber gave me exactly what I asked for. Perfect. I'll be back in the New Year. Thanks, Happy Holliday.